- half SBS directly to rift

hello to all.

As far as I got this I found the SBS direct features (F10, F11) that project directly into headset and I don't care much about head tracking. I tried to play older games with this feature in combination with Tridef 3D and it works but no matter what my settings are everithing looks skinny and tall. If I use Half SBS feature (F7) everything looks fine but it is not projected directly to the headset and therefore I see a virtual desktop and virtual enviremend around it which I don't want. I suggest as a new feature combination of this to SBS direct and streched image for half SBS at the same time. Or maybe there is a workaround or maybe the problem is my monitor since it is 4:3 aspect ratio... I don't know.

Author: Plamen Stoilov, 17.08.2016, 04:50
Idea status: under consideration


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