- Disable Headset Tracking and Hotkey

Locks the desktop directly in front of the user, or in whatever floating position it was in. Preferably hot keyable for keyboard or joystick control in Inputmapper/Joy2key/whatnot.

3 reasons:
1) When watching movies, we don’t always want the screen to move around.

2) We may prefer to use the headset tracking inside the application, instead of moving the desktop.
Example: a FPS with headset tracking mapped to the mouse control.

3) Some applications don’t work with headset tracking, and don’t need it.
Example: I build Augmented Reality applications and use Virtual Desktop to quickly test. Headset tracking is a problem since the camera is attached to the VR headset. (When the player looks around, the camera viewscreen should always be in front of the player. Headset tracking means that the desktop view moves and the player is no longer looking at the camera viewscreen.)

Author: Toaster, 04.08.2016, 15:41
Idea status: under consideration


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