- Options to setup the desktop such that a person with low vision can more easily use the PC.

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I am looking for a solution for a low vision user, myself. While I would (hope) use the VR headset for gaming, I also want to use it for work at the Windows desktop. What I would like to do is have a large monitor perhaps arm’s length in front of me centered in front of my "nose" in this virtual space preferably flat.

Set this up such that when I lean forward, I zoom my view in and likewise when I lean back to the normal sitting position, the view zooms out.

When I look for example in the upper right-hand corner of this 55" (for example) virtual monitor, the desktop itself repositions itself such that I can easily see what is in that area, or my perspective "moves" to that area of the virtual monitor. I do not have to stand up repositioning myself, the desktop moves to center what I want to see in front of me.

My hope is to no longer have to use the Windows Magnifier and pan around with the mouse. As crazy as this may sound, I am trying to find a way to feel a little less disabled. To me, virtual reality has tremendous potential for those with any number of disabilities.

Should I need to clarify any of the above, please reply, I'm desperate to find some sort of improvement in my work life and happy to expand/explain anything I've failed to convey here.

Author: Dustin Wright, 29.07.2016, 02:43
Idea status: under consideration


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