- Brightness Slider, Screen Dimming, f.lux Support

VD is great but desperately needs some kind of brightness slider, dimmer, and/or natural light/f.lux software support. Bright windows (such as Facebook, Google) hurt my eyes. VD doesn't seem to recognize my f.lux software despite my primary display rendering it just fine.

Author: Brandon K, 06.06.2016, 10:20
Idea status: under consideration


Robbo, 01.08.2016, 21:58
Yes agree 100% as this is something that would help watching movies, TV Shows etc .
bright whites (Sun, Lights etc) kill the scene in a movie as it washes the colours out and slightly blinds you.

Would love to have full controls for Brightness, Contrast, Colour etc and if possible resolution but unsure if that can be different to the attached display?

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