- Anaglyph mode (i.e. Blue & Red Glasses) for old 3d movies and games

Filter the desktop image into separate images for the left and right eyes based on color. Make the color selectable for the left and right eyes as some videos have the colors reversed or even filter green rather than blue.
Some games have a built-in 3d Stereoscopic render mode that outputs anaglyph video(e.g. Rad Racer on the NES, Duke Nukem 3D, TrackMania, ...) See here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_stereoscopic_video_games
This could even be a quick and dirty way to get Nvidia 3D Vision to work using the discovery option in the 3d Vision settings.

Author: AManNamedJed, 02.06.2016, 05:19
Idea status: completed


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