- Treat SidexSide like 360 videos where after a moment of inactivity it turns on/off

One approach to make SxS content better would be to do it like you do with 360 Videos and Photos. When in SxS mode have the option to have the mouse snap you back into regular Desktop mode and then when the mouse "settles" switch to SxS mode.

That way you could:
1) Load VLC.
2) Specify SxS 3D.
3) Hit play.
4) Stop moving the mouse and after a 2-3 second "cool down" period switch over to SxS. Then if the mouse moves for more than X seconds (say 1 second of jiggling) it "wakes up" and goes back to regular desktop mode.

This would make it easy to use a media player's controls but still watch 3D movies.

Author: Gavin Greenwalt, 26.05.2016, 12:05
Idea status: under consideration


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