- Have scaled screen movement based on head movement

I have an idea I'd love to see implemented that I think would solve a couple different connected problems.

Problem #1: Resolution of CV1 is so close to being no big deal for working full time in Virtual Desktop. You can do it, but it's right on the edge of just not enough pixels. One way to solve that is to increase the size of the screen, but that creates problem #2...

Problem #2: With a larger screen size, you've gotta move your head all over to see stuff. This is also an already-existing problem when you have multiple screens going.

It would be super cool if the position of the screens could be changed based on a scaled rate of movement for your head. That's hard to communicate in text, so here's a gif.

Basically, right now, this is how things work: http://i.imgur.com/YYyEVxQ.gif

But scaled screen position based on head movement would look like this: http://i.imgur.com/GRukSue.gif

Obviously the rate of scaled movement would have to be variable, because some people would want very little movement and some would want a lot more.
It seems like, in my head, that this wouldn't be super hard to implement. It would basically take the vector from the orientation point to where the user is looking, and then move the screen in a scaled, opposite vector. Maybe even have the option of locking it to only horizontal movement?
Anyway, if this could even be considered as a feature, that would be awesome. :D

Author: Dylan Bennett, 26.05.2016, 10:51
Idea status: under consideration


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