- Vive remote as air mouse

I see a suggestion to use Vive Remote as a laser pointer and ggodin responded that it wasn't a good experience. Has airmouse functionality been considered? This would be moving the Vive Remote and the cursor and would only move while a defined button is being held. I actually currently have a WiiMote setup for exactly this while using Virtual Desktop right now. This functions very well as with a laser pointer there's going to be some jitter when pressing buttons just do to the natural way you interface with the controller. With an air mouse you can trigger the mouse, move it to what you want to click on, release the trigger, then click the button.

It would be nice to just use a Vive Remote, but the issue here is the lack of buttons. Currently I have the trigger assigned to enguage mouse movement, minus for left click, plus for right click, home for middle click, down for recenter screen and a bunch of other auxilery functions on the rest of the d-pad and A/B buttons.

Perhaps the best way to do this on the Vive Remote would be the trigger to enguage the air mouse then left and right clicks on the appropriate side of the track pad. Perhaps even split the right side into mouse 2 and mouse 3. You could then have the menu button virtualy flip the trackpad to an auxillary menu like in the SteamVR Tutorial. This auxillary menu could be just for buttons, or perhaps a pie menu like in Space Pirate Trainer. Grip buttons could just be another user defined key, perhaps esc by default. I find those buttons best function as a cancel button in almost all situations.

Author: Rob Khonsu, 26.05.2016, 10:00
Idea status: under consideration


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