- Ability to increase distance from 360 videos that are "too close"

Basically, some 360 videos are "too close", meaning they're right up in front of your face when they should be further away. On the steam forums, you replied with "Some of them were recorded with a different distortion / IPD and aren't true equirectangular videos. I'll add more options in the future to be able to properly view those." I want you to do that.

Author: androides, 26.05.2016, 07:27
Idea status: under consideration


Patrickjf, 31.05.2016, 21:07
I downloaded and paid for a TERRIBLE vr player called whirligig thinking I would be able to adjust the tilt and distance in VR videos. It worked well for tilt, but other options, not so much. Please add this feature for virtual desktop. Some VR videos are not properly calibrated for the Vive and the ability to make adjustments to tilt, distance, etc. will be a HUGE improvement.

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Petel, 05.07.2016, 03:51
I feel this is an absolute necessity as 90% of the videos I have tried suffer from bad scaling and an option to scale down these would increase immersion no end.
hal9000, 25.04.2017, 08:46
Yes an option to change the 3D separation of videos would be great. Some videos make you feel cross eyed or like your eyes are being pulled too far the opposite direction.
guygodin, 28.02.2018, 08:12
Tilt was added in version 1.9 but the stereo separation is not something that can be fixed through the video player; it is an issue with the source material and how it was recorded.

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