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GearVR, Ggodin already has plans on how to implement this. This is my vote for him to spend his time on this.

Author: Sigurd, 26.05.2016, 04:05
Idea status: in process


neomancer, 26.05.2016, 06:04
PIP pass thru cam that snaps to a corner of wherever you're looking.
Obviously Bluetooth support for keyboards and mice.
Windows that can be moved along the Z axis as well as y and X. Tilt too along all axes too if possible
Resizeable windows.
Optional snap to grid with adjustable granularity
Multiple virtual desktop that save window placement.
Chromatic abberation correction
Dimmable windows
Windows that can be toggled between landscape and portrait mode
Immersive mode to instantly focus on/maximize one or multiple windows
Peek mode where a minimized window represented as a small thumbnail automatically expands to become a full window when looked at then shrinks back to a thumbnail when user looks a certain amount out of its boundaries.
The same as above except instead of shrinking to a thumbnail the window zooms out to the distance then zooms back in close when looked at.
Molecular associations where Windows can be snap to the side of other windows forming a composite of various windows that can be handled as a unit.

I'll just hold off on writing more in case I've exceeded the max character limit.

Experimental:Binaural sound so that sounds or notifications coming from a certain window sounds as if it's coming from wherever the window is.
TS, 01.09.2016, 08:25
How this GearVR support possible?

GearVR is just another name for Google Cardboard for only Samsung phones with integrated buttons. To make virtual desktop work on GearVR, the actual implementation is done on Android and ARM with Vulkan preferably(requiring Android 7.0), not windows + DirectX. And even if the developer does do an android port, running Windows apps will be impossible.

Instead of GearVR support, why not think bigger, and just do an android 7.0 port and support Google DayDream? and even better, to do it on Windows Holographic(due June 2017) so that all the cardboard users and later, Intel Alloy clones will be able to run it instead of restricting yourself on top of the HTC Vive and Oculus closed systems.

Just my thoughts. Oh, another cool thing is if the developer can do remote RDP or TeamView to Amazon's EC2 virtual Windows Machines or local virtual machines. Then you can have as many streaming screens as you possibly want.
Iain, 22.04.2017, 14:44
Gets my vote! Heck if there's a kickstarter page to fund it I definately would. Your app is the main reason I'm eyeing up the more expensive VR products whilst already owning a gear vr.....Would open things up for ltos of other devices.....if it is technically possible that is! If you set up a kickstarter I'd chip in!

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