- Nvidia 3d vision support

Allow virtual desktop to display a virtual window thats 3D for apps that support Nvidia's 3D vision.


preferably also with an option that can project the screen as a board/table for strategy games like Civ V and Starcraft 2.

Author: test test, 26.05.2016, 04:03
Idea status: completed


BigDaddyXD, 29.05.2016, 10:11
This and general 3D Support. I'd like to watch 3D-Movies on that Cinema-Screen. Shouldn't be too hard to implement. Every eye will need to view the other part of the movie-file, just with the current 360 implementation, only with the screen only beeing the one on the virtual wall, not a globe around you.
guygodin, 30.05.2016, 10:10
3D movies are already supported. Just play your movie in your favorite video player (VLC, Windows media player, etc.) and hit F7 to toggle SBS mode
Joshua J. Slone, 28.08.2017, 17:18
I was going to request something very similar, though a bit more generic. It is possible to get 3D Vision games to output in a row interleaved format for passive 3D TVs, which I've been doing for years. With "Allow Injection" on, Virtual Desktop seems to correctly capture the row interleaved image, though the result just looks like the two image halves blurred together, much as it does when looking at the TV without glasses. A Row Interleaved option in 3D Options alongside the more straightforward ones like side-by-side and over-under should allow 3D Vision games to work, at least in systems that have already gone through the necessary trickery to get them to output that way.
guygodin, 28.02.2018, 08:06
I’ve added 3D Vision support through Anaglyph mode. This means you can configure 3D vision for discovery glasses and then toggle Anaglyph mode in Virtual Desktop to have the red/cyan image appear in 3D.

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