- Automatic switching to Theatre mode for playing 'flat' vidoe files, then back to dekstop environment when playback complete.

At the moment, if you want to play a flat video in a 'theatre' environment you need to start the video with your chosen player, then manually switch environments. When playback is complete, you need to manually switch environments back again, which can be tricky due to the low field of view (and thus low perceptual resolution) the theater screen covers compared to what can be achieved with a normal environment. This can also be an issue with ultrawide monitors and 16:9/4:3 content, which will be pillarboxxed inside a letterbox inside the threatre screen.

The process for loading 360° and 180° videos into Virtual Desktop directly would be a nice addition to use for 'flat' 2D and and stereo video, to avoid this manual environment switching.

Author: Edwarrd, 26.05.2016, 04:00
Idea status: under consideration


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