- As many virtual monitors as someone wants

Author: Tommy1992, 26.05.2016, 03:16
Idea status: under consideration


Dface, 28.05.2016, 03:43
Developer of VD can start negotiations with Microsoft about integration this feature... IF he wants revolutionalize this type of software and be the first in this industry.
rogerawong, 31.05.2016, 10:43
The only way around this is to buy little monitor dongles for your videocard to spoof Windows into thinking you have monitors attached to them.
Toaster, 04.08.2016, 14:41
SpaceDesk software can be used to add virtual monitors that can be viewed in Virtual Desktop.

Spacedesk is a network extended monitor setup, which creates an extended desktop on the host PC. A client PC can connect and can view the second monitor.

By running the server and client on the same PC, it creates an extended desktop. This is viewable in windows and virtual desktop as a normal extended desktop.

I’ve also verified this works on the Alienware Amplifier, as long as the VR headset is connected to the desktop video card.

Also, +1 request for an Optimus fix. I don’t mind a few milliseconds of latency in order to run this on Intel HD cards. I used to run the DK1 and DK2 on an HD 4000 without a problem, and Virtual Desktop was a good app to run on a laptop.
Benjamin, 27.02.2017, 19:30
There is another VR app called Envelop which does this, so it is doable. I would love to see this implemented since Envelop is not going to be developed anymore.
Bragolatch, 25.06.2017, 05:58
Abandoned project already had the solution to something your devs can't figure out, sounds like a golden opportunity to buy a piece of good code on the cheap to me !!!!

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