- Display Virtual Desktop on top of other VR game

Author: Donald Trump, 26.05.2016, 02:47

In other words (another user's idea)

"floating" desktop with partial transparancy that could be brought up on top of other applications

Author: no 1, 26.05.2016, 03:19
Idea status: completed


guygodin, 26.05.2016, 02:58
Great suggestion Mr. Trump. Unfortunately this requires support by the SDK from Oculus and Valve to be possible. Valve's OpenVR allows dashboards to be registered to sort of do this (such as the current one for their Desktop functionality) but it is very limited; only a flat screen of fixed size/distance. Oculus doesn't offer this functionality at the moment.
CE, 02.08.2016, 15:59
Something like this is being done by:


So it's possible with steamvr at least. Display can be moved and fixed in virtual world or moved with the display. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with Oculus SDK.

Also, FlyInside has had something like this for quite some time. I'm sure it's quite different though as the desktop display is built into the application itself.
guygodin, 28.02.2018, 08:07
This has been implemented through the Virtual Desktop Dashboard in Steam. It is a separate app that appears under the Tools category in Steam.

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